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Customer Testimonials

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We love to receive feedback from our customers! If you have a comment you would like to share please email us at kirk@MyUrbanValet.com

Tony Olivo, Orchard Park

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great team you have. As a long time home delivery customer, things are always top notch. But, it is also your customer service and telephone people that are great too! I recently inquired as to some items that take longer to clean than others and was called back today by your manager in Hamburg who agreed to drop them off in OP at the retail store for me tomorrow instead, of me waiting until Friday for delivery. As a small business owner myself, I know first hand how important customer service is and yours has always been exemplary!!! I am an Urban Valet Customer for life!

Jennifer Soltys, Orchard Park

I just wanted you to know that last year I met Eric while sitting with him at a function. He asked who I used for dry cleaning and I told him I used a competitor. We swapped business cards and several weeks later received a gift card in the mail. I put it aside …somewhere so great that I had forgot where I placed it… until two months ago I found it. Long story short I finally brought my dry cleaning in and picked it up and used my gift card.  

I wanted to say several things… First, my dry cleaning came out spectacular. Second, your staff was extremely courteous and professional and went above and beyond to explain all your services in your Orchard Park location. Lastly, I was impressed with dry cleaning bag that came with the clothes. I was explained the “no hassle no fee delivery Service” and how to go online to sign up and was directed to your recycling boxes for hangers. I even received a new customer appreciation coupon for my next visit.

I just wanted to say that I will definitely be back. From meeting Eric, and knowing you, to having experienced your staff in Orchard Park, you have made me convert!  Now my hubby is thinking about it as well. And you know I have a big mouth and will tell everyone I know! Just thought you and Eric should know. I was truly impressed and it takes a lot to impress me.

Sandy Patterson, IAM Agency

OMG, the coat & jacket turned out great. Mine looks brand new and so does Jason’s jacket. Your company did a wonderful job, worth the $$.

Donna Burns

I wanted to share with you a viewpoint I made relative my experience with you and Urban Valet concerning our Ugg claim. Morning News Beat is an international newsletter I receive every morning from my industry. The articles and comments range from food related to retail in general. If you click on the "your views" section I wrote a viewpoint relative customer service. I felt compelled to write this as I had such an amazing experience with you and your organization.

Kevin Coupe is a widely known, highly regarded writer and speaker in our industry who receives thousands of emails a day and he picked mine to print this morning! I thought you would like to see it. I especially love his comment of "great story". Donna Burns

Article Written in Morning News Beat: In early winter a local dry cleaner (Urban Valet) in my city advertised they would clean Ugg boots and make them new again ($25 charge). Considering these boots are a necessity in our town, I decided it would be cheaper to get my daughter's Uggs cleaned rather than purchasing a new pair.

An important note to add: I have never used this dry cleaner. I dropped them off and they told me it would be approximately 10 days to get them back, as they were sent to an outside company for cleaning.

They called 10 days later and told me they were ready for pick up.  I rushed down there, as there was now snow on the ground and my daughter needed them desperately. She wore them that night and when she came home she said there was a hole in them!  I checked and sure enough, on the seam there was now a gaping hole.

I called the dry cleaner the next day and was connected to the Customer Service Manager. She was amazing!  So professional and helpful. She apologized for the damage and said she would REPLACE the Uggs at NO COST! Remember, it is not their store that actually does the cleaning service on these items. She asked me to ask my daughter which replacement pair she wanted up to the retail cost of a new pair of Uggs! I could not believe it. Sure enough 4 days later we received a brand new pair of Uggs!

I have shared this story with all my neighbors and friends and now all of our dry cleaning will be done with Urban Valet. Great customer service and locally owned!

Jessica S., M&T Insurance Agency

Original message: "My niece spilled red nail polish on my white North Face fleece yesterday. I tried nail polish remover, but that just made the red spots bigger. Is there something you can try?"

After cleaning: "My fleece looks great! I never thought the red nail polish was going to come out. Please tell your staff that I am grateful! I have been spreading the word that Urban Valet was able to get the red nail polish out of my white fleece!"  

Donna Scalfaro, Owner of Carpet Care Services

Thank you for the wonderful job on my Uggs. They were 2 years old and looked it. I was ready to get rid of them. I just received my delivery today and they look brand new. I am so very pleased with the results and your fantastic service. Keep up the great work.

Cathy, Satisfied Route 4 Customer

I meant to send this earlier to you... my daughter's UGG's came out perfect!  She loves them again...which saves me a bundle! Thanks so much and we've been passing your name around.

Patsy Cunningham, Vanner Insurance Company

When my Living Room Shades were damaged by water seeping from the back up of ice, you came highly recommended. I contacted you, you came to my office to pick up the damaged shades and returned them to me in “like new” condition. The shades were only two years old and the original cost was over $3000. With your efforts and the professional work of Urban Valet, you’ve saved my shades and saved  my insurance rates! Without hesitation, I will continue to refer your services.

Mary McCoy, Elmwood Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the dry cleaning done on my comforter. I brought it in with a dried urine stain on the underside, compliments of my Jack Russell, Lacey Pearl. Urban Valet not only took the stain away, but the comforter now looks as beautiful as when I bought it. Thank you for your continued outstanding service!

Matt Granite, WGRZ TV Personality

It's one thing to have a dry cleaner and another to have a company like Urban Valet keeping your clothes looking perfect, running them back and forth and making what could be a chore a completely flawless process. I wish all departments of my life ran as smoothly as what you do for my clothes and my schedule. Urban Valet, THANK YOU for exceeding any customer service expectations I've ever had and for keeping my shirts, suits, ties and everything else picture perfect when I'm on TV.

Tony Napoli, Napoli's per la moda

Our customers tend to be a bit more discriminating. We sell Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss, Canali, Tommy Bahama, Nat Nast...and we recommend that our clients use URBAN VALET as we do for our own personal garments.

Patrick Long, Hamburg Satisfied Customer

Your shirts are the best in WNY! Trust me, I know because over the years I've tried just about everybody.