half-circle-jumper Cleaning Services

We have a full compliment of cleaning and disaster recovery services to address a wide range of cleaning and clean up needs.

Leather & Suede Cleaning

image of Leather & Suede Cleaning

Our expertise in clothing and textile care also includes world class leather & suede cleaning. This service not only includes immaculate cleaning, but also matching the original, rich dye color, and completely redying your garment before it is returned to you. The result is amazing!       

We have applied our knowledge of suede cleaning to offer a specific cleaning service for UGG boots and other UGG brand shoe types. Our UGG Boot Cleaning service removes winter salt stains and odors as well as renewing the look of the boot fabric. For boots that have lost their color or are worn in, we will rede them as part of the cleaning service to make them look like new.

It's just another way Urban Valet is your complete cleaning service!