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We have a full compliment of cleaning and disaster recovery services to address a wide range of cleaning and clean up needs.

Sports Equipment Deep Cleaning

image of Sports Equipment Deep Cleaning

Stained with sweat, stretched by determination, let us make it like new again!

By collaborating with industry experts, including leading detergent and hospital sanitation manufacturers, we’ve developed a process that kills 99% of all bacteria, including common bacteria that is sometimes found in sports gear. We specialize in the deep cleaning of:
Football - Full Set of Gear
Football - Shoes/Cleats
Golf  - Set of Clubs or Individual Clubs
Golf - Bags, Shoes/Cleats, Umbrellas or Hand/Bag Towels
Hockey - Full Set of Player/Goalie Gear
Hockey - Skates, Bags or Large/Wheeled Duffle Bags
Lacrosse - Full Set of Player/Goalie Gear
Lacrosse - Shoes/Cleats
Lacrosse - Eyewear, Goggles & Stick

Deep cleaned in a combination of water and specifically formulated detergents, the layers of dirt and grime will be flushed away leaving only that championship pride.

See our Pricing Information page for details on deep cleaning cost and sports equipment cleaning packages. If you are a Coach or Team Manager, call and ask us about wholesale pricing for your entire teams equipment cleaning.