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Happy July 4th


Retail Closing Schedule

All stores and delivery routes will be closed on Friday, July 4th, for the holiday. Stores will reopen normal business hours Saturday. Tuesday/Friday Delivery Customers: You will not receive delivery on July 4th. Your clothes will be delivered on your  next scheduled date, Tuesday July 8th.





Firework Safety Stats and Tips from our

Textile Restoration Department



  • In 2011, fireworks caused almost 18,000 fires and 10,000 injuries
  • Think sparklers are safe? They burn at 2000 degrees and account for nearly 25% of firework-related injuries
  • Fireworks cause over $30 million in property damage each year
  • Think women are too cautious? Men account for 2/3 of firework-related injuries
  • Pay special attention to children around fireworks. About 1/3 of those injured are under the age of 15



  • It should go without saying - Adult Supervision at all times!
  • Never try to re-light fireworks that didn't ignite properly
  • After fireworks are done, douse heavily in water before discarding to prevent fire
  • Alcohol + Fireworks = Emergency Room

Stats from www.nfpa.org


If you experience a fire or water emergency, our Textile Restoration Department can help. We clean your clothes, bedding, window treatments and other fabric items that are affected AND we work with your insurance company. Call us anytime - 716.885.4351 OR 585.568.8303