Fabric Restoration, A division of Urban Valet

When fire, water, smoke or mold damage your clothing, household items or cherished family heirloom pieces let us help restore your items and get your home back on track.

Clothing & Textile Restoration Services


Call our Restoration Team today - 800-960-5022!

Urban Valet has been in the business of restoring textiles and other home contents after a disaster strikes, for nearly 20 years. There isn’t a situation that we have not seen and an item that we have not successfully restored to its original condition, somewhere along the way.

When it’s your home, your property, your life, please put your trust in our experience. 35 employees strong, our professional team can respond quickly and work to get your life back on track with amazing efficiency. We are your local textile restoration professionals!

Please allow us to provide you with references.

For additional information, please contact us at 1-800-960-5022 or if you prefer, call me directly at 716-725-4718. I’d be pleased to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have and, of course, continue to be available to you throughout the entire claim process.

Most Sincerely,
Eric Pyne
President & Founder  

How it Works:

• Once a claim comes in, we contact you within 15 minutes.
• On-site, we assess your home and provide a scope-of-loss, never removing your items without first communicating with the adjuster.
• We work with the you to identify unwanted clothes that are then donated to the Salvation Army... after we clean them for free.
• Our technicians pack-out affected soft-goods, room-by-room, bar-coding each bag, specific to its location in your home.
• Arriving at our facility, each bag is then scanned in for accuracy.
• Next, EVERY item is evaluated, barcoded and, if requested, photographed. Then cleaned.
• Items are scanned into an appropriate package and placed into storage.
• For delivery, the packages are scanned one last time for accuracy and brought back into your home.

Professional Affiliations:

We are proud members of the North American Restoration Dry Cleaners (N.A.R.D), as well as the following insurance associations: Insurance Club of BuffaloThe Buffalo Claims Association and Insurance Women of Buffalo.
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