Services Pricelist

How can we service you?

Below are prices for some of our standard services. Please note an additional charge may apply to some garments made of fabrics requiring additional labor. These include but are not limited to silk, cashmere, formal wear with beading & lined garments.

If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to give us a call at 716-885-4351.

Dry Cleaning & Wash n’ Fold

Item Price
Perfectly Laundered Shirt on a Hanger $3.70
Pants / Slacks $8.94
Sport Coats / Blazers $10.90
Blouse / Shirt $8.94
Sweater $9.04
Dress $17.80
Skirt $8.76
Coat $17.70
Silk Tie $7.81

Window Treatments

Item Price
In-Store Cleaning Services $18.55 and Up
On-Site Cleaning Services
If location is outside our service area, modest travel charges may apply.
$109.30 and Up

Commercial Customers: Our machine is completely portable allowing our Ultrasonics team to clean your blinds on-site! Arrangements can be made to provide after hours cleaning providing your business with minimal intrusion.

Sports Equipment Cleaning

Item Price
Football – Full Set of Gear*
Includes the following: Athletic Supporter, Rib Guard, Shoulder Pads, Pants, Pant Pads, Helmet and Jersey
Football – Pair of Shoes / Cleats $8.70

Golf – Complete Set*
Includes the following: Set of Clubs (up to 15 clubs), Golf Bag (hand-cleaned), Pair of Shoes
Golf – Set of Clubs (Up to 15 clubs) $26.92
Golf – Individual Clubs $2.51
Golf – Golf Bag (Hand-cleaned) $24.27
Golf – Pair of Shoes / Cleats $8.70
Golf – Golf-Sized Umbrella $5.39
Golf – Hand / Bag Towel $2.04

Hockey – Full Set of Player Gear*
Includes the following: Athletic Supporter, Elbow Pads, Helmet/Mask, Jersey, Pants, Shin Pads, Socks and Gloves
Hockey – Full Set of Goalie Gear*
Includes the following: Athletic Supporter, Helmet/Mask, Jersey, Pants, Socks, Chest Protector, Catching Glove and Blocker
Hockey – Pair of Skates $10.72
Hockey – Basic Hockey Bag $12.30
Hockey – Large / Wheeled Duffle Bag $17.95

Lacrosse – Full Set of Player Gear*
Includes the following: Athletic Supporter, Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Helmet/Mask and Jersey
Lacrosse – Full Set of Goalie Gear*
Includes the following: Athletic Supporter, Gloves, Helmet/Mask, Chest Protector, Goalie Pants and Jersey
Lacrosse – Shoes / Cleats $8.70
Lacrosse – Eyewear / Goggles $4.10
Lacrosse – Lacrosse Stick $5.39

Attention Coaches & Team Managers: Call and ask us about wholesale pricing for your entire teams equipment cleaning. Please call Eric at 885-4351 x 102 or email him at

*Purchasing a full set of gear cleaning is the most cost-effective way to clean equipment. We do however offer cleaning by the piece for an individual price. Call us or stop in for pricing.

Household Items

Item Price
Area Rugs $2.26 sq ft and up
Throw Blanket $15.66
Small Tablecloth $20.70
Sleeping Bag $32.75
Futon Cover $55.07
Queen Comforter $38.56

Leather & Suede Items

Item Price
Gloves $23.55
Purse $45.04
Vest $57.32
Pants $52.39
Waist-Length Coat $70.51
UGG Boots $51.17

Bridal and Heirloom Gowns

Item Price
Press Only $110.13
Clean Only $145.49
Press and Clean $273.19

Bridal Preservation

Item Price
Wedding Gown Preservation Package $376.75
* 50 Year Guarantee against yellowing.

Alterations & Repairs

Item Price
Pant Shortening, Unlined $10.00 Everyday!
Pant Shortening, Unlined w/ Cuff $14.55
Shorten Suit Sleeves, Lined $35.67
New Zippers $28.42 and Up
Pant Waist In or Out $22.75
Minor Repairs $5.28 and Up
Torn or Worn Shirt Collar $26.08