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Urban Valet Spotlight – Peggy Rothwell

Posted: December 20, 2022

A photo of our HR & Admin Assistant, Peggy Rothwell, holding her grandchild.

Our HR & Admin Assistant, Peggy Rothwell, will be retiring at the end of this month. Peggy has been our HR & Admin Assistant since 2016 and despite her main role, has been involved in many aspects of the company.

When asked to describe her position, she said, “I have been in all areas of Restoration. I have knowledge in all areas of the business, and I feel that I help in other ways besides the HR/Admin Assistant position. I believe I am the ‘pulse’ of the employees; I have their interest forefront in my daily activities.”

We couldn’t agree more! Peggy is one of the first people that you meet when onboarding at Urban Valet Cleaners and has remained a welcoming and personable liaison to our employees throughout her tenure. She believes that teamwork is the ability to overlook personal differences and come together to accomplish daily tasks. Peggy looks to her peers as a work family and is happy to jump in wherever her help is needed. We will miss her dearly around the office as she announced recently that she will be retiring at the end of the year!

Here are a few fun facts about Peggy: she is from Stedman, NY (Chautauqua County). Her favorite Buffalo area restaurant is Mulberry’s, her dream vacation is Hawaii, and she prefers mint chocolate chip ice cream to all the others. Additionally, she is the number one fan of her son’s group, “Derek Davis Band.” Outside of work she enjoys writing poetry and crafts. Some of her articles and poetry have been published in local newspapers and magazines. Peggy’s retirement plans include returning to her writing and crafting career while spending lots of time with family and her newest grandson, Drake (pictured above).

When asked to share a favorite memory from her time at Urban Valet Cleaners, she wrote, “I have very fond memories over the years of the parties and group activities that were outside of the workplace. It’s where you can grow the comradery that enables a better working relationship. I also enjoyed watching Eric and Kathy’s kids grow up and see them as adults. I have made friends, not just colleagues, that I will keep in touch with. Urban is definitely a family atmosphere and a great group of core individuals that I will miss.”

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Peggy for her hard work over the years. Once again, we will miss her dearly and wish her all the best in retirement.

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