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Urban Valet Spotlight – Carly Rybicki

Posted: July 27, 2023

Photo of Carly Rybicki, our Customer Service Representative at our Elmwood location!

This employee spotlight is dedicated to Carly Rybicki, our Customer Service Representative at our Elmwood location! She has been working at Urban Valet Cleaners since November 2022, and notes that it has been one of her favorite jobs ever! Her role includes greeting customers, taking in their items, and detailing them as requested to get them ready for cleaning and repairs. She has been a tremendous help to the team so far! 

Carly is originally from a small town near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. She relocated to Buffalo with her husband in 2013, and currently lives in the Kenmore area. Outside of work, her interests include fishing, camping, kayaking, taking nature walks, spending time with her fur babies, and watching true crime and horror movies. However, her favorite hobby and true passion is crocheting! She also adores her nieces and nephews and spends as much time with them as she can. Her dream vacation would be a beautiful mix of all these things, as she would rent a cabin by a lake where she can read, relax, and crochet while spending time with her family. 

In the picture above you can see Carly with her favorite player from the Buffalo Sabres, Alex Tuch! Alex stopped in to get his dry cleaning done with us and Carly was able to meet him. Carly is an avid Sabres fan and was so excited! She credits this as one of her favorite memories while working for us, one that she will surely never forget! 

A few more fun facts about Carly: her favorite Buffalo area restaurants are Anderson’s and Louies, and her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. When asked about her favorite band, Carly said, “It’s hard to pinpoint one band as my favorite, I love an eclectic mix of music.. ranging from the 40s, all the way up to 90s, and even some current hits!  I would have to say though, that some of my favorites are Billy Joel, The Cure, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish. I also love Stevie Nicks, and Lana Del Rey to name a few!”

We have loved getting to know Carly over the time she has been with us, and we hope you have as well! We are so grateful for her time and efforts at the Elmwood location. If you are in the area, stop by to say hi to her and the team! 

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