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How The Plastic Bag Ban Affects Dry Cleaners

Posted: July 1, 2019

By March 2020, most single-use plastic bags will be banned in NYS. New York is only the second state to ban bags, after California which banned bags in 2016.

So – will the ban affect garment bags at cleaners? As of right now, no. Plastic garment bags are exempt from the ban. However, you may have noticed the reusable garment bags that we’ve had for years. Why are we using reusable bags if plastic garment bags will still be allowed? We believe it’s our responsibility to be at the cutting edge of eco-friendly cleaning. We want to offer our customers the choice and eventually we hope to phase out single-use plastic at Urban Valet.

Almost 10 years ago, we introduced reusable garment bags to the WNY market. We were the first cleaners to bring this product to the area and it continues to be a popular choice among our customers. Not only are the bags the more environmentally-friendly option, they multi-task as a laundry bag and hanging hamper. Our bags are made of recyclable, water-resistant, breathable materials. More importantly, they help reduce the millions of pounds of plastic waste that enter our landfills each year.

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