Repair & Alterations

For A Perfect Fit

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fit or simply need a small seam repair, Urban Valet Cleaners has you covered. Our expert tailors have decades of experience and are here to help. Our spacious & comfortable fitting room at our Orchard Park location is the perfect place to have that gown fitted so it looks and feels just right! Stop in after your next shopping spree and we’ll transform “off-the-rack” into custom. There’s absolutely no substitute for clothes that fit just right!

a photo of a woman measuring a man's waist

a woman measuring a man’s waist

a photo of a sewing machine sewing a seam

a sewing machine sewing a seam

Pricing Information

Item Price
Pant Shortening, Unlined $19.50
Pant Shortening, Lined w/ Cuff $23.65
Pant Waist In/Out $39.15
Shorten Suit Sleeve/Lined $52.72
New Zippers $38.76 and Up
Minor Repairs $9.11 and Up
Torn or Worn Shirt Collar $35.43

Additional Pricing Information

Please email for a full price list including Window Treatments • Sports Equipment • Household Items • Leather & Suede Items • Bridal & Heirloom Gowns • Bridal Preservation • Alterations & Repairs. You can also review our Services Price List page.

Please note an additional charge may apply to some garments made of fabrics requiring additional labor. These include but are not limited to silk, cashmere, formal wear with beading & lined garments.

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