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The Top 3 Reasons Your Wedding Gown Should Be Professionally Preserved

Posted: September 10, 2019

photo of bride and bridesmaids

Your wedding gown is the most expensive piece of clothing you’ll ever purchase, and ever wear. You’ll only wear it once, yet it will be the most memorable and important dress of your life. So why is it collecting dust in your closet?  Here are our top 3 reasons to get your gown professionally cleaned and preserved as soon as you can!

To remove damaging stains

One of the reasons we have heard brides say they waited to have their gown preserved is that they were unsure if the stains could actually be removed.  The easy answer? The sooner you get your gown to us, the better the chances of stain removal. Plain and simple.

The #1 stain we see on wedding gowns is dirt on the skirt and train.  It doesn’t matter if your wedding is outside or in, rain or shine, the bottom of your gown goes through a lot in just a few hours.  In addition to the skirt, you may have stains from wine, cake, makeup and more! These stains can cause the fabric to break down over time. They also attract bugs that feed or nest on the stains, further damaging the fabric.

But my dress isn’t THAT dirty, is it?

Maybe you made it through the day without any major mishaps. Maybe your gown lookspretty clean so you’re not sure it needs to be cleaned and preserved.  Unfortunately stains invisible to the naked eye are just as damaging as those we can see. Whether it’s a deodorant stain or a little white wine, these stains can damage the fabric over time.

To save it for a future family member

Maybe the thought of wearing your mom’s wedding gown made you laugh. Maybe you wanted something brand new and all yours. But what if someday you have a daughter, and that daughter decides to honor you by wearing your gown? What if your granddaughter asks to use the fabric and lace from your gown to reconstruct a new design for herself? If you haven’t cleaned and preserved your gown, that will most likely not happen.  In addition to deteriorating fabric due to stains, gowns will yellow over time if exposed to moisture and oxygen. If you have your gown preserved however, she can open the preservation box to find your gown in the best condition possible.

To increase the value if you decide to sell it someday

If you are newly married, selling your gown may sound preposterous! Sell your beautiful gown? That’s insane!! But trust us when we say that years from now, you may consider selling your gown – and that’s ok! Cleaning and preserving it will ensure that you can ask top dollar if and when you make this decision.  Future brides will value that you cared for your gown.  Showing your wedding date and preservation receipt will give them peace of mind that your gown is in mint condition, ready for them.

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