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There is nothing better than the feel of fresh, clean sheets!

Posted: December 22, 2023

Photo of bedroom with comforter and sheets turned back exposing the mattress.

Not only does it feel great to slip into bed after wash day, but it’s great for your health as well. Having a consistent wash schedule for your bedding promotes good sleep hygiene and has some overall health benefits. Our next blog post will cover bedding maintenance and spot-cleaning tips to promote good sleep practices! 

Bedding Maintenance

It is important to regularly change your sheets, as dirty sheets can harbor dust, allergens, and sweat, which lead to further allergies and skin irritation. It would be beneficial to change your sheets at least once a week to ensure cleanliness and encourage overall health! 

On top of washing your sheets regularly, you might wish to vacuum your mattress to remove dust and dead skin cells. Steaming your bedding can also help fight bacteria and give the sheets a crisp finish. 

If the weather permits, air out your pillows, comforters, and duvets. You may also consider hanging your sheets on a clothesline to air dry. The natural sunlight will help kill bacteria and freshen the bedding. After it’s dry, store your sheets in a clean and dry place. Opt for breathable fabric storage bags if you are planning to store them away! Plastic bags often trap moisture and musty odors. 

Spot Cleaning 

Accidents happen, that’s why we have compiled a list of common stains and the best way to get them out of your bedding: 

  • Blood or Sweat: Rinse the stain with cold water before washing with detergent. If the stain persists, wash with stain remover or a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Food or Drink: Blot the stain to remove any excess liquid, then gently scrub the area with a mixture of dish soap and water before washing as usual. 
  • Oil of grease: Place baking soda or cornstarch on the area to absorb the oil stain. Then use a dish soap solution to remove any remaining residue. 

If you need help cleaning any part of your bedding feel free to give us a call! We offer free pickup and delivery so you are able to hit snooze a few more times in the morning!

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