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Urban Valet Spotlight – Beth Scheffler

Posted: March 14, 2023

A photo of Urban Valet's Customer Service/Quality Assurance Manager, Beth Scheffler!

This week’s Employee Spotlight is dedicated to our Customer Service/Quality Assurance Manager, Beth Scheffler! Beth’s career at Urban Valet began 12 years ago as a Retail Store Manager before she transitioned into her current role. As our Customer Service/Quality Assurance Manager, she ensures that honoring our “customer promises” remains top-of-mind for our team, every day! 

Beth lives in Eden with her husband Chip and enjoys bike riding, cooking, and yoga in her free time. When she is not cooking at home her local favorites include JP Fitzgeralds, the rooftop at Mangia, in Orchard Park, and Main Street Ice Cream in the Village of Hamburg for her favorite, Cannoli Ice Cream. She is also a fan of listening to live local music and attending concerts in the area. Her dream vacation is to do a cross-country road trip without any time constraints.

Since starting at Urban Valet, Beth has been a dedicated, hardworking, dependable, and loyal part of the team. Beth leads by example. Beth has a winning personality by nature and works hard every day to deliver our customers the highest level of quality and service possible. Through her efforts, others follow her lead. Beth is always willing to jump in to help her team get the job done and do whatever is necessary and we couldn’t be more thankful for everything that she does! Of course, being as humble as she is, she credits her colleagues for most things. A true angel in our organization, we would like to sincerely thank Beth for her hard work and dedication! We are so thankful to have her as a part of our Urban Valet family. Her day will come, and we look forward to watching her drive away, setting sail to explore the vastness of our great country – with no constraints or return date in mind!

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