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Urban Valet Spotlight – Brandy Jenkins

Posted: June 6, 2023

Several photos of our Assistant Production Manager, Brandy Jenkins

Our next Employee Spotlight is dedicated to our Assistant Production Manager, Brandy Jenkins. Brandy will have worked for Urban Valet for 2 years this June. As the Assistant Production Manager, her role includes taking care of customers’ clothing and belongings from the time they enter our plant until the moment they are loaded for delivery. She also continues to develop her professional pressing skills, as well.

Brandy was raised in Cheektowaga and Buffalo, NY. In her free time, she enjoys taking hikes on cool mornings, spending time with family, reading, and watching murder documentaries. Brandy and her family are excited to welcome their first granddaughter this month! Though she doesn’t necessarily have a favorite restaurant, Brandy enjoys trying new places around Buffalo with her boyfriend. Her ice cream of choice is Heavenly Hash or Fudge bars, and her dream vacation is to visit Italy!

With efficiency, Brandy helps manage and lead our production team at the Hamburg Plant. When asked about her thoughts on teamwork, she noted, “Teamwork to me is everyone coming together and working as one.” She added, “I have the best crew and teamwork at the production plant!”

We couldn’t agree more! We are so thankful for the work Brandy puts in every day to make sure our production runs smoothly and that our customers’ garments are well cared for!  We also appreciate her commitment to continue developing her skills, learning, and growing each day! Her dependability and willingness to fill in are never taken for granted. We are thrilled to celebrate her work anniversary this June.

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