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Urban Valet Spotlight – Sarah Santoro

Posted: March 28, 2023

Photo of our Elmwood Store Manager, Sarah Santoro

We are honored to highlight our Elmwood Store Manager, Sarah Santoro with an Employee Spotlight ahead of her work anniversary on April 3rd. Sarah has been working with Urban Valet Cleaners for 17 years! She is beloved by both her customers and coworkers alike. Sarah is a model of efficiency when it comes to meeting the needs of her customers and her organizational skills are second to none.

Sarah was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and can be found kicking around Elmwood Village, where she has lived for many years. Outside of work she enjoys attending concerts and Comic Cons with her friends. Sarah is an avid collector of all things Pop Culture (i.e., records, books, comics, and designer toys). She enjoys traveling to various locations around the world to acquire items for her collections. Fun fact: she once traveled to Utrecht, Netherlands to attend The World’s Largest Record Fair and pick up a few albums for her collection. On top of this, she has a significant collection of Funko Pop! Figures that reflect her love of pop culture and Harry Potter.

In her downtime, Sarah also enjoys art, reading, and staying healthy by walking, biking, rowing, and lifting weights. An avid traveler, Sarah has already taken her dream vacation to Paris, France, but eagerly awaits her next adventure. Her favorite band is The Cure, and her favorite solo artist is Madonna (who she affectionately dubs ‘The Queen’).  Her ice cream of choice is coffee flavored and while she doesn’t truly have a favorite Buffalo restaurant, she has recently enjoyed the atmosphere and food at Waxlight Bar a Vin in Black Rock.

Though she may be out on an island with her team at our Elmwood location, Sarah runs the shop like a well-oiled machine. When asked what teamwork means to her, Sarah described it as, “when all moving parts of a company work together as one.  Each person or team works together to help each other keep things running perfectly.”

We can’t thank Sarah enough for her dedication and loyalty these past 17 years. It is crazy how fast time has flown by! Her hard work and infectious energy is something we cherish and are so grateful for. Stop by and visit her at our Elmwood location to congratulate her on her upcoming work anniversary!

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