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You clean that?

Posted: October 1, 2019

When most people think of a dry cleaners, they think clothes. And not just any clothes, but “fancy” clothes – Silks, wools, suits, gowns etc. Progressive cleaners like Urban Valet have evolved with changing customer needs and have become experts in cleaning just about anything you might find inside (and most often outside) of your home. 

Sports Gear

Urban Valet President Eric Pyne LOVES hockey. He and his son have played for years. So his family is painfully familiar with the sweet aroma of sports equipment. Years ago, Eric researched a way to not only remove the odor, but also harmful bacteria from sports equipment. We’ve cleaned gear from hockey, football, lacrosse, even golf bags! So instead of spraying some Febreze and crossing your fingers, bring it to us next time!

Window Treatments

Sheers, curtains, custom draperies – they make your house a home. They’re also a huge cost (and pain in the butt) to replace. You have to find the perfect color, style, length etc etc. We’ve been cleaning window treatments for years and we can even take them down and rehang them if needed. So, if your windows need a refresh, consider a professional cleaning first.

Our in-Home drapery and upholstery cleaning is a fantastic option as well!

Table Linens

Does anything get more stained than your holiday table clothes, runners and napkins? Yes, they’re machine washable. But if you haven’t noticed, your home washer doesn’t remove oil stains from food all that well.  Not only do we remove stains, your linens are perfectly pressed and look beautiful as you prepare to impress your next guests!


We can clean your Halloween costume, yes. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. Did you know we’ve cleaned the stage costumes from the Irish Classical Theatre for years?  What about sports mascots or Santa’s famous coat and hat? Yup, that too. You can’t just toss these things in the washer. They require extra care, professional stain treatment and of course, ozone level decontamination and odor removal!

Socks and Undies and T-Shirts, Oh My

Contrary to that “dry clean only” model many of us grew up with, we are cleaning more everyday laundry than ever before! Why? Because we are also in the business of “saving you time”!  Is there anything more tedious, mundane, and time consuming? Probably not. I guess that’s why more & more of you are turning to our wash & fold service. Check out wash-n-fold on our website for details. 

We could go on and on about all of the interesting things we have cleaned… porcelain dolls, model sailboats, leather chaps.  The point is – if it’s made of fabric, we can clean it. Make sure to give us a call to discuss!

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