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5 Signs That We Care

Posted: May 31, 2019

1. We check your pockets… and return your belongings

Everyone knows you should check pockets before cleaning your clothes. With us, its a win-win situation. We check all pockets to ensure there aren’t any items like gum, lipstick or pens going into our machines to damage your clothes. In turn, we tend to find some important items in the process. Sure we find the usual spare change, gum wrappers and old receipts. But sometimes we come across ID tags, keys, cash and other valuables. Everything gets returned in one of our orange paper bags with your cleaning. If its a valuable item, or one we think you may be searching for, we contact you right away.

2. Buttons are checked and replaced, without you even knowing

Did you know we have a whole team dedicated to inspecting your clothes before they are bagged and ready? They’re dedicated to checking for every missed stain, button or wrinkle. And instead of calling you to interrupt your day when a button is missing or broken, we just fix it – free of charge.

3. Communication, not assumption, is our goal

As with any line of work, there are times we need further clarification on notes sent in with cleaning. So you want your pants hemmed – did you want them cleaned and pressed also? Just pressed? Instead of assuming we know the answer, we contact you.

4. We treat stains, even when you didn’t tell us they were there

We appreciate getting a heads up on stains – not only that they exist, but what they are. There are many different approaches to removing stains based on the type – oil, blood, food etc. So getting as much information as possible is great. But – we know sometimes you forget, or maybe didn’t even realize a stain was there. That’s why our intake team inspects your clothes and marks any stains. Then our final inspection team does the same!

5. Mistakes can happen, and we have a plan in place when they do

No one is perfect, including us. In the rare circumstance that we damage an item, we have a clear process to compensate for any damages.

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