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More than just Dry Cleaning!

Posted: May 25, 2023

Photo of Urban Valet Cleaners pick-up bags on front porch.

On top of dry cleaning, we are also a resource for your everyday laundry, repair and alterations, home goods care, and restoration services. In our next blog post, we discuss our Wash N’ Fold, dry and wet cleaning, and repair and alterations services in more detail.

Wash N’ Fold

Our wash n’ fold process includes washing, drying, and neatly folding your clothes just how you like them. This service is for items that can be safely washed in water and dried, and that don’t need to be pressed. This service is priced by the pound. 15 pounds would roughly be 5 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 10 tees, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 towels, 10 socks, and 10 undergarments for $36.45/ $2.43 a pound.

An additional charge may apply to some garments made of fabrics requiring additional labor. These include but are not limited to silk, cashmere, formal wear with beading & lined garments.

Dry and Wet Cleaning

Our nine-point dry cleaning process includes 3 inspection points to ensure perfection every time. We even replace cracked buttons & tighten loose threads for free. We clean your garments in water or our eco-friendly solvent, Kreussler detergents, imported from Germany and considered to be the world’s finest. While environmentally safe, Kreussler products preserve color and eliminate shrinkage to leave you and your clothes looking fantastic!

Pricing information for different items can be found here.

Repair and Alterations

Our expert tailor has decades of experience and is here to help. Our fitting room at our Orchard Park location is spacious and comfortable, allowing the perfect place to have that gown fitted so it looks and feels just right! Stop in after your next shopping spree and we’ll transform “off-the-rack” into custom. A full-price list of alterations and repairs can be found on our website.

If you have any further questions on any of our services or price list, please email Beth@MyUrbanValet.com for a full price list including Leather & Suede Items, Bridal & Heirloom Gowns, and Bridal Preservation. You can also review our Services Price List page. It is our pleasure to help you look good and feel good!

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