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Urban Valet Spotlight – Anne Marie Cascioli

Posted: January 12, 2023

a photo of Anne Marie Cascioli! Anne Marie doubles as both our store manager and seamstress at the Orchard Park location.

Our first Employee Spotlight of 2023 is dedicated to our OP Store Manager, Anne Marie Cascioli! Anne Marie doubles as both our store manager and seamstress at the Orchard Park location. She started working at Urban Valet Cleaners in 2018 as a seamstress after working 30-plus years as head seamstress at Tuxedo Junction. She then took over as our store manager in May 2022. 

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Anne Marie currently lives in the Southern tier with her fiance, Don. Outside of work, she continues to enjoy sewing and machine embroidery. She is currently working on embroidering shirts with the Urban Valet logo on them for her team in OP. It will be a great follow-up to her beautiful Christmas stockings that decorated the store during the holidays. 

A few fun facts about Anne Marie: she just adopted Sasha, a mastiff/boxer mix from the SPCA; her favorite Buffalo restaurants are the VFW in Arcade for fish fries and Nellie’s in Arcade, NY; she enjoys all types of music and chocolate is her ice cream flavor of choice. While she doesn’t have a dream vacation, Anne Marie enjoys the peacefulness of the outdoors and evening bonfires. She also loves to hang out with her grandson Koen, pictured here.

Reflecting on her time at Urban Valet Cleaners, her favorite memories include meeting new coworkers and customers and building a connection with her clients. Her favorite part of her alterations and repairs is helping customers get their outfit or garment ready for a special occasion. 

Anne Marie is always there for her clients and coworkers. Whether it be creating employee uniforms or alterations for a special occasion, she believes teamwork is, “Working together to produce quality work and having each other’s back. Being there to help each other out or to chat.”

We are so appreciative of Anne Marie’s hard work as both Store Manager and Seamstress. As a reminder, Alterations and repairs are currently 25% off for the month of January. Anne Marie has been gearing up for a busy month, book an appointment with her before it ends! 

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