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Urban Valet Spotlight – Christina ‘Tina’ Maue

Posted: May 11, 2023

Photo of Christina ‘Tina’ Maue, part of the Elwood Village location.

Christina ‘Tina’ Maue has been working with us at our Elmwood location for just over a year. She is an essential part of our well-oiled team of three that runs the busy Elmwood Village location.

Tina was born and raised in Buffalo, but her family is from beautiful Puerto Rico. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening and hiking. Her music taste is broad and ranges from Jethro Tull to Bruno Mars. On a hot, sunny, summer day, her ice cream of choice is…. Mint-Ting-A-Ling!! Tina’s dream vacation is to visit Greece, which is fitting because her favorite Buffalo restaurant is Mythos — a traditional Greek restaurant located at 510 Elmwood Ave.

As a valued member of our tight-knit retail team down on Elmwood, Tina recognizes that teamwork means working together to meet customers’ needs. Recently, she got into a nasty car accident, and her teammates, Sarah and Carley, had her back and stepped in to work her shift. Thankfully, Tina is doing fine but she reflected on the incident and acknowledged feeling blessed to be supported by her coworkers in her time of need.

Funny enough, we all feel blessed to have Tina on our retail team! We recognize her contributions and her delivery of a high level of service to our valued customers, every day! We are happy to honor her with this Employee Spotlight. Please be sure to say hello next time you stop at our Elmwood location to visit!

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