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Urban Valet Spotlight – Erica Forsber

Posted: November 7, 2022

a photo of Erica Forsberg, Production Manager

National Team Manager Day is held every year on November 6th to honor the people that work tirelessly to hold every team together. This year we celebrate Erica Forsberg. Erica is a Hamburg, NY native and has been with Urban Valet Cleaners for two years as our Production Manager. Erica continues to learn and grow as a leader in the company. 

When asked to describe her role, Erica said, “The Production manager position maintains responsibility for the cleaning and processing of contents from the time they enter the building as dirty, to the time they exit the building for delivery or storage.”

With thousands of clothing and household items coming in and out of our facility every week, Erica must be organized and focused. Though she is an instrumental part of the team, she relies on the hard work and dedication of those that she leads. She notes that, “[Teamwork] is everyone working together to help one another achieve a common goal and having fun along the way.” Among other things, we appreciate Erica for her sincere, gentle, down-to-earth approach to life!

Who has more fun than us? Outside of work Erica enjoys spending time with her partner and her dog, traveling in their very slick, converted camper van, reading, and sampling the many wonderful craft beer options at breweries, both near and far. Her dream vacation is to travel from coast to coast across Canada in her decked-out van and is currently in the planning stages of making that dream a reality.

Erica’s favorite Buffalo restaurant is Stronghearts, located on Niagara Street. She is also a fan of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy Half-Baked ice cream and listens to everything from David Bowie to Against Me to Lizzo.

Everyone at Urban Valet Cleaners would like to extend a huge thank you to Erica for her work as Production Manager. We can’t wait to see her continue to thrive in this role!

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